Basketball Backboard Dimensions

Basketball backboard dimensions. Ucla arizona basketball.

Basketball Backboard Dimensions

    basketball backboard

  • backboard: a raised vertical board with basket attached; used to play basketball; “he banked the shot off the backboard”


  • (dimension) the magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height)
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basketball backboard dimensions

basketball backboard dimensions – 54" Fiberglass

54" Fiberglass Indoor / Outdoor Official Competition Size Basketball Backboard
54" Fiberglass Indoor / Outdoor Official Competition Size Basketball Backboard
Official competition size
Standard fan shaped fiberglass basketball backboard
39″ x 54″ x 1 1/2″ size with official style orange target markings
Balanced rib design provides uniform rebounding and good playability
Ships via freight
Hole spacing is 20 – 1/8″ horizontal, 17 – 1/4″ vertical
The goal shown are not included.¶¶
Please note: This backboard is manufactured as a replacement for gooseneck systems only. It can NOT be mounted to a wall or roof unless a special frame and mounting bracket are fabricated. Even the “universal mounting bracket” will not convert this to a backboard that can be used on a wall or roof.

SpongeBob Playing Basketball

SpongeBob Playing Basketball
This photograph was taken with mild outdoor lighting on a relatively cloudy day. This helped with not over lighting the subject and brought out all of the features wanted beautifully. The photo is meant to give off a comical mood while hinting at a sort of fun danger because of a stupid problem.

Angle: This photograph was taken from a right in front of and below the subject angle, as to fully display all of the features of the subject and background to their full potential.

Background: The background of the picture was chosen as to use the basketball theme of the plush toy to make the picture more interesting. The basketball net compliments the basketball accessories SpongeBob is wearing and having him inside the net brings out the humor of his character.

Balance: I used symmetrical balance in this picture, distributing the visual elements evenly throughout the picture. I basically only did this because that is where my net was and it is hard to move.

Central Focus: The main focus of this picture is obviously SpongeBob. The basketball hoop is used to compliment him but he is still main focus of the photograph.

Composition: The arrangement of this photo was very filling, the tree on the left counters the house on the right. The hedge coming up at the bottom the picture leads you up to the basketball hoop and then there is Spongebob in the middle of it all as the focus of the photo.

Contour: Apart from the basketball theme compliments, the shape of the hoop further compliments the central focus. The outline of the backboard comes together with Spongebob to create a more interesting shape than Spongebob’s outline could itself.

Contrast: The contrast in this picture is most definitely the texture of the Spongebob toy compared to everything else around it. The other objects in the photo really gives a hard, outdoors feeling. However, once Spongebob is placed in the picture it softens and really lightens up the mood of the photo.

Framing: The house, tree, and hedge were used in the picture as to really underline the fact that this photo had been taken outside.

Setting: The setting of the outdoors was used as to bring a different dimension compared to the rest of the photos of Spongebob. It was also used to bring out the basketball features on the toy as to not leave them unused and in vain.

Vantage Point: The picture was taken directly in front Spongebob to show all of the features and to display the situation he is in to the full extent possible. The photo was also taken below the subject as to display the fact that Spongebob was high up and in a sort of comical danger.


basketball backboard dimensions

basketball backboard dimensions

Spalding 68564 Portable Basketball System - 54" Acrylic Backboard
The Spalding 68564 features a 60″ steel framed acrylic backboard with authentic style board pads. The Screw Jack lift system features a removable handle to prevent tampering once the desired height has been set. The system features 2 wheels for ease of movement when relocating the basketball system. The front cover also serves as a built in rebounder during play. The 40-gallon base helps provide the system with stability and safety. This system features a 3 piece, 3.5″ round pole set at a 20 degree angle from the base.

Designed to sit in a driveway, backyard, or any other open space, the Spalding 54-inch portable basketball system will turn your paved landscape into a jump-shooting haven. The system starts with a 54-inch acrylic backboard with a heavy-duty steel frame. The board offers the same look and feel as pro-style glass backboards, helping you shoot layups and bank shots with confidence.
The Arena Slam breakaway rim, meanwhile, holds up well against the force of emphatic dunks–a must for modern hoops. The rim includes an institutional-style wrap with steel support braces, along with an ultra-smooth spring action that’s designed to flex when pressure is applied, helping relieve stress from the backboard during game play. Players will also appreciate the hoop’s Screw Jack lift system, which lets you adjust the height from 7.5 to 10 feet in infinite increments. When the hoop is at your preferred height, the handle removes to prevent tampering or accidental injuries. Other features include a two-wheel, 40-gallon base that fills with sand or water for maximum stability and safety; a front cover that acts as a built-in rebounder during play; a 16-inch board offset; and a three-piece, 3.5-inch-diameter round pole set at a 20-degree angle from the base.
About Spalding
Founded in 1876 by Hall of Fame pitcher Albert G. Spalding, Spalding is one of the oldest and best-known sporting goods brands in the world, and is a leading producer and marketer of basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, softballs (Dudley brand), and soccer balls. Spalding is the official game ball provider of the National Basketball Association, the Major Indoor Soccer League, and more than 200 college and university programs. Spalding is also the official basketball equipment supplier to the NCAA Final Four. Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Spalding is owned by Russell Corp.


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